Current Stage: Pre-ICO

Pre-ICO Hard Cap
1,000,000.00 OSF
Total Raised
1,127,413 USD

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Current Discount
Current price
1 OSF = 7.50 USD
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How it works

OneSolution Fund will create an ecosystem that will change the ICO industry. Watch the video if you want to learn more.
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OneSolution Fund
OneSolution Academy
Cryptocurrency Solvo

What is OneSolution Ecosystem?

Decentralized Fund for investments in ICOs which is administered by the community participants of the project

A multitier project selection system will be in place.

This means that an open vote is held in regards to each project by platform participants after a careful selection of projects by the Fund's expert team occurs.

Unique features of the Solvo cryptocurrency

It allows users to take part in voting and the decentralized management of the Fund, it yields dividends regularly as well.

Additionally, a certain portion of newly mined coins are automatically transferred to the Fund, which guarantees a constant increase in the Fund’s investment portfolio.

OneSolution Academy

The main task of the Academy is to search for young talent, as well as teams that are capable of generating new and prospective ideas and to aid them in the further development and realization of their ideas in practice.

This will result in an even greater profit growth of the Fund on account of establishing the most beneficial terms of investing in such projects and control over their implementation and development.

Benefits of the Fund
Maximum decentralization of Fund Management
Careful analysis and minimization of risks
Full transparency of activities
Digitally organize and capture everything you have learned into a searchable universal hierarchy
High level of security and protection of investors' funds
Compliance with all necessary legal requirements
Benefits of the
Solvo cryptocurrency
The Solvo Coin possesses an array of unique features, which make it appealing in contrast to other cryptoassets.
A link of the coins cost to the Fund's portfolio opens up broad horizons for its growth in value and limits the potential for its decrease.
Ability to receive dividends from up to 70% of the Fund's profits
Automatic transfers to the Fund's portfolio during mining
Solvo holders have the right to take part in voting on the Fund's management
Token sale
OneSolution Fund will offer OSF tokens, an Ethereum ERC-20 token, which you can swap on our cryptocurrency Solvo after the end of ICO and get additional 10% bonus.
Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)
Start of token sale: 08.11.2018
Tokens issued: 100 000 000 OSF
Basic Price of 1 OSF token: 10 USD
Basic Price of 1 Solvo: 1 USD
1 OSF 10 Solvo
Payment method: BTC, ETH
Tokens issued:
100 000 000 OSF
The founders of the project
Token Sale Bonus
Period Pre-ICO ICO 1-10 days ICO 11-20 days ICO 21-30 days ICO 31-40 days ICO 41+ days
Token Price 7,5 $ 8 $ 8,5 $ 9 $ 9,5 $ 10 $
Discount 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% -
Distribution of raised funds
$1 000 000 – Soft Сap
Development and launch of the IT- platform of the Fund in MVP mode
Implementation of an internal and external Blockchain
Development and launch of our own project cryptocurrency - Solvo
$2 000 000
Solving legal issues (registration and licensing)
Team expansion
Formation of an expert bureau for the Fund
$3 200 000
Listing of the Solvo coin
Development and popularization of the currency, access to open mining
Launch of the fully functional One Solution Fund
$4 200 000
Creation and launch of the One Solution Academy
$8 000 000
Сonducting an international marketing campaign aimed at promoting the Solvo coin, attracting new miners and investors
> $8 000 000
Formation of the investment portfolio of the Fund
$8 000 000
$4 200 000
$3 200 000
$2 000 000
$1 000 000
All funds > $8 000 000
are directed
to the investment
portfolio of the Fund
Company Roadmap
April 2018
Creation and development of a business idea
April-May 2018
Formulation of the core project team
May-August 2018
ICO preparations
September 2018
Project legal registration
September 2018
Launch of a platform prototype.
8 November 2018-
28 November 2018
January 2019
Launch of the Fund’s platform as an MVP
8 December 2018-
8 February 2019
February 2019
Development and distribution of the Solvo coin
February 2019
OSF Token -> Solvo Coin swap
February 2019
Open mining launch of the Solvo Coin
February 2019-
April 2019
Team expansion and organizational structure formation
March 2019
Listing of the Solvo Coin
March 2019
Launch of the Fund’s fully functional platform
April 2019-June 2019
Start of the One Solution Academy
Q3 2019
Further development of the Fund, growth of its capitalization and the Solvo Coin price
Meet our Team
Dagmar Kask
Antony Koles
Deepanshu Bhatt
Nik Dementev
Juan Bernardo Tobar
Blockchain Advisor
Tinh Tran
Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes your fund from others?

The Fund's management is entirely decentralized, all decisions are made by means of a participant vote. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, and to ensure that the most proper and highly profitable investment decisions are made, community participants will receive analytical reports from Fund experts during the run-up to voting. The Fund’s experts are composed by some of the best specialists from various fields. The results of each vote are recorded in the blockchain, which maximizes the transparency behind the Fund's activities.

Why does the Fund need a coin?

Firstly, thanks to the emission of our own coin, the decentralized management of the Fund by the coin’s holders can be realized, as well as the dividend distribution mechanism. Secondly, the mined coin allocation system we have developed grants us the ability to continually enhance the capital of the Fund as well as its investment portfolio.

Why is a token to coin swap needed?

The Solvo coin is an inseparable aspect of the project’s infrastructure, without it, the One Solution Fund's operations are simply impossible. The coin provides for the management system, dividend distributions, and additional capitalization. After the end of the ICO, the Solvo coin development and launch will take place, after which tokens sold during the ICO will be swapped for coins. While at the same time, the profit share based on sold tokens remains fixed, therefore value dilution does not occur.

How can I be confident in your honesty?

The activities of the One Solution fund are entirely decentralized, all processes are fixed in the blockchain, access to which is available to all project participants. The role of founders in terms of the project is limited to developing and launching the platform, all further decisions pertaining to the project’s activities are controlled by means of a participant vote.

What interest do you have in this venture if everything will be decentralized?

A portion of the tokens after ICO will remain with the projects founders. In the future, these tokens will be exchanged for Solvo coins, which will yield dividends to the founders. Thus, the founders are interested in the quality implementation of the project, since their profitability is directly depended on the effectiveness of the One Solution Fund’s Operations.

Couldn’t the founders just mine a million coins and take control of power over the Fund?

The Fund is managed in a decentralized manner, all mined coins will be available in the open market and are not controlled by founders. All processes tied to the creation of new coins are registered in an open blockchain.

What will happen if you do not reach your Soft Cap?

In this case, all funds will be returned to their respective investors. However, we are confident in our success due to the amount of effort devoted towards developing the project as well as current market trends.

How is the return on my investment formulated?

The Fund invests assets in various ICO's, dividends are paid on a quarterly basis, constituting 70% of the Fund's profits, funds remaining after dividend payouts are reserved for reinvestment purposes.

Who are the experts that select projects for investment purposes?

Any candidate can become an expert, as long as candidates have pertinent knowledge and experience. However, to do so, they must submit an application and achieve victory during the election of experts, carried out by means of a Solvo coin holder vote.

Where will Solvo be listed?

On the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, additional information will be available closer towards the launch of the coin.